Bacchus - wine of the gods

July 09, 2019

Bacchus - wine of the gods

Our recently released 2018 Bacchus still white wine has been flying out of the cellar door, the popularity and reputation of Bacchus wine is certainly growing, but what is its history? 

As the son of the god Jupiter (Zeus) and the Theben princess, Semele (the only god born to a mortal mother) Bacchus, was celebrated by the Romans as the god of agriculture and wine, and was called upon to help the orchards grow.

Bacchus is often depicted as a young, strong man - as in the above sculpture (by John Cheere created in 1740 and on display in the Wine Cellars at Waddesdon Manor). Adorned with grape bunches, a wine cup and a crown of ivy atop his head; he remains best known today for his association with wine.  



Considered England's answer to ‘Sauvignon Blanc’, Bacchus is deservedly gaining popularity – in this article for ethical grocer, Farm Shop, wine journalist Christian Lowe implores you to, “Forget Sauvignon. Be bold with your Bacchus”. 

This likeness to Sauvignon and similar lightly herbaceous notes, citrus and elderflower lends itself to pairings with foods like goat’s cheeses, asparagus, and oily fish - smoked Salmon in particular.  But, this beautifully refreshing wine goes equally well as an apertiif with blissful conversation and friends in the sunshine!

You may have tried an English Bacchus in previous years when Britain’s vineyards were still acquiring their knowledge and skill. This is the year to return to the English Bacchus as 2018 is proving an incredible vintage. 2018 was our greatest yield yet thanks to glorious weather conditions for our vines. With no late frosts (unlike 2017), a warm, dry spring, ideal for flowering, and an unexpectedly hot summer we harvested just under 20 tonnes of grapes, with excellent sugar and acid levels and as a result, our 2018 Vintage Bacchus and Ortega are bursting with the natural vitality of maturing, organic grapes.

Last month we took part in a Bacchus tasting event organised by Bywine where some 36 top class Engish Bacchus wines were tasted from different producers.There was also a dedicated Bacchus stand (above) at the London Wine Fair on the Plumpton College stand, where our founder and a few of our volunteers have studied viticulture and wine production at the UK’s centre for excellence in wine. We were delighted to represent the best of organic London Bacchus! 

If you'd like to try it for yourself you can order from our stockists here or buy online here for home delivery.

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