Harvesting Begins!

September 19, 2017

Harvesting Begins!

This year's harvest at Forty Hall Vineyard has begun unexpectedly early, mostly due to the hot weather we had in June, so it has been all hands to deck (or vines!) in order to gather the grapes.

In spite of strong winds and a late downpour last Wednesday, our volunteers successfully picked, weighed and transported over a tonne of Ortega and a further 400kg of Bacchus. Tomorrow we start to collect the Pinot, one of the grapes we use in our London Sparkling Wine, although this year's harvest won't be ready until October 2019!  The good news is that our 2015 Sparkling wine will be released at the beginning of next month - not long now!

A huge thank you to everybody who has helped with the harvesting so far and we look forward to welcoming more volunteers next week!  Take a look at the photos of this year's harvest in the gallery and find out more about our wine and grapes here.  

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