The Real Wine Fair - Tobacco Dock, London - May 8/9 2017

April 11, 2017

The Real Wine Fair - Tobacco Dock, London - May 8/9 2017

Update May 10 2017: Thanks to everyone who came along to see our stand at the Real Wine Fair, we had a wonderful couple of days and the response to our new release of Ortega was overwhelmingly positive!  


Come and see us at the Real Wine Fair at Tobacco Dock on May 7th and 8th where we'll l be showcasing our new release of Ortega wine! There will be 150 wine makers from across the world at the Festival, all committed to producing great "real" wine, just as we are.  

The Real Wine Fair is the brainchild of the founder of wine specialists, Les Caves de Pyrene, Doug Wregg:

‘Real wine’ is a term embracing wines that are made organically, biodynamically and naturally. By no means precise nor prescriptive it serves chiefly to highlight growers who work with minimal mediation, ideally to obtain the purest articulation of terroir, fruit and vintage.

All great wine begins in the vineyard and is ultimately the result of sensitive farming. It is important that growers farm sustainably and with a sense of environmental responsibility, ensuring the natural balance and health of the vineyard. The juice from the resultant grapes should then ideally, be guided to the bottle with the fewest manipulations in order to create a vital and singular – rather than an homogenous – product. This sympathetic interpretation and transformation of nature’s gifts lies at the heart of what makes a wine “real.”

Doug is also a big fan of our Ortega and Bacchus 2015: 

The Ortega is well balanced and very clean and fresh with a pleasant, flowery nose.  The Bacchus is very typical - similar to Sauvignon Blanc, It is clean, fresh, well balanced on the plate and would win a silver medal in competition.

More information about the fair here.
SHOP for Ortega here. 




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