Ode to Forty Hall Vineyard

March 30, 2020

Ode to Forty Hall Vineyard

As a result of the current situation, a large number of our volunteers are in isolation. A skeleton team  are tending the vineyard carrying out essential tasks. 

Our strong FHV community continues, even if apart from the vineyard. Our ecotherapists are making calls to our most vulnerable members and many are staying in contact by WhatsApp - keeping each other’s sprits up by sharing jokes, stories, exercise routines for home and uplifting photos like this posted here.  

A couple of our volunteers have been inspired to write poems, which with their permission we'll share.  This one below was written by volunteer Christine Pennington - a fitting tribute to the spirit of Forty Hall Vineyard.

We encourage all our volunteers to share memories and photos to keep us going through this difficult time and look forward to all being back together, sharing biscuits... 


Wednesday – Forty Hall Vineyard


Up before the gleaming dawn

Cup o' tea and biscuit


Chug Chug Chug

Meet the Crew

March down the fields secateurs in hand

Now it begins


Under an early Spring sky I touch the vines

They stir beneath my gentleness

We whisper together a hundred secrets

Talk of lost harvests and bud beginnings

Secateurs used skilfully

With pride the vines shiver off their Winter coats

Together we create the shape of things to come


Teatime talk of goings and comings

More Biscuits

Mud on the track

Homeward on the chug chug

Bliss in my heart

Nature in my Spirit

Christine Pennington ,FHV Volunteer, March 2020 



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