Matthew Jukes on FHV

July 14, 2020

Matthew Jukes on FHV

A lovely write up on FHV from Matthew Jukes in Vineyard Magazine and the value of sustainable wine making. Thanks Matthew! 

"Forty Hall Vineyard, on the other hand, is not only a superbly-managed organic vineyard which makes delicious wines under the calm guidance of organic guru Will Davenport but it is also a fantastic community project, too. Please take the time to visit their website ( to read about the exemplary, ecotherapy work they do. Buy a bottle of 2017 Forty Hall Vineyard Brut or 2018 Bacchus and drink the fruits of their labour while you learn more about this vineyard and its human-sustainable initiative. You will then truly understand the unavoidable link between the nervy, tender, balletic, refreshing and memorable wines and their creators. All of the profits from the sales of Forty Hall’s delicious wines are put back into the project to enable them to deliver health and well-being benefits to often vulnerable people in their local community. Let’s hope that every winery in our land makes more of an effort to pursue a sustainable path – there is no other realistic choice available."

Full article here:

Our 2019 Ortega ad Bacchus will be released Mid July and our 2018 Sparkling in early autumn. 


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