An inspirational visit from Simonit & Sirch - The pruninguys

December 12, 2018

An inspirational visit from Simonit & Sirch  - The pruninguys

We were honoured to have a visit from Marco Simonit and Tommaso Montignon of Simonit & Sirch - the modern masters of vine pruning and education. Known as the 'pruninguys' they have developed a pruning method over 15 years, which they now transfer to vine growers throughout the world. 

The Simonit & Sirch Method is based on four fundamental principles applicable to all vine training systems: shaping the structure, respecting vascular flow, minimising wounds, and leaving protective wood. Based on traditional practices, this technique is designed to ensure that vines lead a healthier and longer life. 

We were all inspired by their natural, organic approach to getting the best out of the the vines and can't wait to put their methods into practice. 

to learn more about the pruninguys - take a look at their website



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